Starting your small business with a one page business plan is a simple first step to small business success. Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Why should you expect that you can write your business plan in one day either?  You shouldn’t! That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start planning today.  Try chunking your business plan into 5 sections. Your Vision Close your eyes and envision your business 3 years […]
How to get a job on CraigsList: Confessions of an Employer “Eagle Eyed Ed” immediately stood out as a name I could remember.  Among the nearly 300 applications I got in the first 24 hours from my Craigslist Jobs ad, Ed’s name is still the one I remember to this day.  One of my job application requirements was to “Have a sharp eye.”  How could I not want to interview […]
“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.” —Zig Ziglar Building trust with your website When you distill it all down, as a small business owner, everything you do is about building trust.  Every interaction with your customer done with integrity at its core helps to build trust. Why is trust so important?  Trust is important because when your customer trusts you and you have a product or […]

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