Below are a list of resources that we recommend.  Note that many of these items associated with an affiliate program so we get a small portion of the item purchase price.  Our intent isn’t get rich and anything you see listed here is something we sincerely believe is will provide you real value, we’re not just shilling someone else’s product.  If we didn’t believe in it, it wouldn’t be here!

“Next to the Bible, The E-Myth Revisited is most important book I’ve ever read about business.  Hands down!!  I wish it were in print when I was 18 years old and starting my first business” – Brent Mason  The Audible Audiobook is highly recommended because Michael Gerber besides being a great author is also an awesome public speaker and he does all the narration.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau has a lot of great ideas to get you off the beach and into the water!


Triplog – this is what we use to track our mileage! Use this link and save 20%

Triplog works for both the Android and iPhone.

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