“The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.” —Zig Ziglar

Building trust with your website

When you distill it all down, as a small business owner, everything you do is about building trust.  Every interaction with your customer done with integrity at its core helps to build trust.

Why is trust so important?  Trust is important because when your customer trusts you and you have a product or service that provides benefits that meets their perceived needs they will purchase because they are confident of the outcome.

Whether your are looking your customer in the eye, or their eyes are reading your website content, an element of trust must be established and continually reinforced.  The more trust there is between you and your customer the shorter the sales cycle.  In the long term this implies that you will increase your top line revenue with less effort, thus resulting in a greater profit margin.

Building trust with your website is relatively inexpensive.  Compare your website to hiring an employee with whom you must trust to deal directly with your customers.  Your website represents you as the small business owner, just like your employee represents you.  One major difference is that you don’t pay your website by the hour.

Trust is built through frequent interactions with your customer such as a regular email newsletter or blog.  Even if your customer doesn’t read your newsletter every time they see it in their inbox it leaves an impression in their mind. Over the weeks and months these impressions build upon each other in the form of trust in your customer’s mind.

Below are some specific ways you can use your website to build trust.  They bring value to your website and are simple easy step towards building the customers trust.  In future blog postings I’ll follow-up in more detail on each of these ways of building trust with your small business website so stay tuned.

  • Display customer testimonials
  • Make it easy to contact you
  • Listening with your website
  • Be consistent with your website
  • You’re a real person – put up your picture
  • Certify your domain
  • Display your contractors CCB#
  • Provide a link to your page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Provide a link to your City Business License or Health Dept Certification
  • Link to your local business association such as the Chamber of commerce
  • Provde link to www.siteadvisor.com by McAfee a well trusted name in business

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  1. Larry Cross says:

    Trust and honesty create a long-term client base, in addition to excellent referrals. No client wants excuses but a job completed better than even expected.

    A firm handshake, a genuine smile, and friendly eye contact begin a relationship of mutual trust.

    Without trust there cannot be commitment. With commitment to one’s clients and one’s own skills, long-term job success can be achieved.

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