Getting your eCommerce site setup can be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll do.  It can also be one of the easiest.  Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your small business is the critical first step!

So you want to sell your product or service online? Implementing this can be as simple as placing a PayPal or Google Checkout button on your product page, or if you have a full catalog of items that needs to be integrated with your inventory and order fulfillment systems it can be one of the most involved implementations your small business will undertake.

  • Software / shopping cart selection
    • The are many different eCommerce solutions available to small businesses, which one is right for you?
    • Are you selling a single product or service?  Or do you have a full catalog of items you wish to market?
    • Have you considered using eBay or Amazon as a starting point for your eCommerce ventures?
  • Site Planning
    • Product Categories
    • Cross Selling
    • Product Photographs and Descriptions
  • Site Configuration
    • Integration
      • Inventory Management
      • Order Fulfillment and Shipping Services
      • Customer Service

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