GoLocalNW understands the what the small business owner needs in a website.  You want your site to look professional, support your business goals and provide measurable results, all at a reasonable cost.

  • Website design and development

    • A good website can provide many benefits to the small business owner and customers.
    • great website instills trust.
    • A great website will focus on one main goal – the call to action!
    • A great website will also provide the small business owner with a set of metrics with which to measure its success in accomplishing the main goal.
  • Website setup, configuration and implementation

    • Proper setup of your website can make or break your effort.
    • Search Engine Optomization (SEO) is key to getting your small business noticed in your community.  While SEO isn’t rocket science, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.  Bad SEO can actually reduce your search rankings and drive traffic away from your website.
    • Website analytics is the second key to a successful small business website.  Properly configured analytics allows the small business owner to quickly assess if their website is achieving their business goals.  We’ve all heard the adage, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”
    • GoLocalNW will help implement your site using best practices that will drive customers to your small business and provide measurable proof that your website is supporting your business goals.  Don’t leave the success of your small business up to chance!
  • Website hosting selection

    • Selecting the right host for your small business website is very important.  There are lots of hosting providers available offering even a wider variety of plans.
    • GoLocalNW will help you decide which web hosting plan is the right one for your small business.
  • Website maintenance

    • Keeping your content and relevant is another key to small business success.
    • Many small business owners just don’t have the extra time and energy it takes to maintain their small business website.
    • GoLocalNW will work with you to create content that is fresh, innovative and relevant.  Content that will bring new customers in your door and keep your customers existing customers coming back for more.

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