Getting your small business noticed online involves much more than just creating a website.  In fact, there are number of steps you should take before implementing your small business website:

  • Claiming and updating existing web properties

    • Whether you realize it or not, if you have been in business for any length of time, your small business is already on the internet.
    • Companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are collecting information about your small business.  It is very important to register yourself as the business owner and claim your web property.  Then verify that existing information about your small business is correct and if it is incorrect to fix it right away.
    • Incorrect information about your small business can actually drive prospective customers away.  Just imagine your frustration trying to locate a business when the address provided is incorrect or when you try and call the phone number listed and reach a home residence.  As a customer, do you try and figure out the correct information or just move on to the next suitable business listing?  You know what happens 80% of the time!
    • In most cases, claiming your web property won’t cost you a thing.
    • GoLocalNW can help you identify your existing small business web properties, register you as the small business owner then verify and correct the information about your small business.
  • Listing you business in local internet directories

    • There are many local business directories available on the internet, again, many of them completely free.
    • All of these directories can be leveraged to help drive customers to your small business.
    • GoLocalNW will help you identify the appropriate directories, get your small business listed then help to you monitor and respond appropriately to customer reviews.
  • Creating and maintaining your website

    • You might wonder why creating a website isn’t the first item on this list?  Simply put, creating a great website is a lot of work and done correctly can create great results that will help you achieve your small business goals.  But, there are many other activities (listed above) that require much less effort and can also provide immediate, measurable results.
    • When appropriate GoLocalNW recommends taking advantage of low hanging fruit.
    • Another low hanging fruit that is often overlooked by small business owners is posting listings on Craigslist.

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