So, you’ve got your eCommerce website running, or maybe you’re just selling on eBay and   Amazon, what now?  You need an order fulfillment system.  GoLocalNW can help your small business plan and implement a world class order fulfillment system.

  • Order Fulfillment Planning

    • Is your shipping limited to domestic orders, or do you ship worldwide?
    • What size of packages do you send?
    • Can you benefit from fixed rate priority shipping via the USPS?
    • How many orders a day are being fulfilled?
    • Will your current order fulfillment system handle your peak load?
    • GoLocalNW will work with you to learn the answers to these questions and many more as they work to document the requirements of your order fulfillment system.
  • Order Fulfillment Implementation

    • Once requirements are approved for your order fulfillment system, GoLocalNW will work with you to implement the system.
    • What type of equipment will meet your requirements?
    • What physical layout will be ideal for order fulfillment system that fits your space constraints?
    • GoLocalNW can recommend proven reliable vendors to provide your shipping supplies and fulfillment equipment.

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