About GoLocalNW:  GoLocalNW was founded by owner Brent Mason in February 2012.

Brent Mason - Owner - GoLocalNW

Brent Mason – Founder

Brent has the intense desire to help small businesses in the Portland, OR area be more successful by getting noticed in the local community.

“I see so many small business struggling to create an effective online presence.  It is painful when I hear small business owners tell me their horror stories of trying to create and maintain their online presence.

Many small business owners just don’t have the time and energy necessary to keep their sites up to date and relevant in today’s fast moving economy.  Others openly admit they aren’t tech savvy, preferring instead to rely on other technology professionals to keep their web sites up to date.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to let us help you, as a small business owner, to GoLocalNW, and get noticed in YOUR community!”

– Brent Mason, Founder

Brent is an experienced business and IT consultant with over 22 years in the industry.  From before the time he graduated high school in 1985 Brent has been the consummate entrepreneur.

After graduating high school in 1985 Brent co-founded Future Wave Computers in Modesto, CA and provided database consulting services to many local businesses including local car dealerships, furniture manufactures, truck stops, wineries, doctors and lawyers offices.

Brent graduated with a BS in computer science in 1999 from Oregon State University.

He has worked as a consultant for such prestigious firms as KPMG and KPMG Consulting.

Brent has consulted with many large companies recognized worldwide including:

  • World Vision
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Quintiles
As well as many locally recognized organizations including:
  • Schnitzer Steel Industries
  • Legacy Health Systems
  • Stockamp
View Brent’s Profile at LinkedIn.

GoLocalNW.com is located at:

331 NE 104th Ave
Portland, OR  97220
Our mailing address is:
PO Box 92128
Portland, OR  97292

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