At GoLocalNW we understand the project management is much more than project plans, status reports and issues logs.

GoLocalNW’s seasoned project managers can help make your project a success.  We have experience managing successful projects ranging in size from $5,000 that last a single month for small businesses to $3,000,000+ multi-year projects for major corporations and NGOs.

Regardless of the size of your business, our first step is to understand your project goals and how the success of the project fits within your strategic business plan in order that we may correctly align the project within the framework of your business.

We then review your project requirements to gain a full understanding of what must be accomplished to “get to done.”  Special emphasis is placed on what is in scope, out of scope and the assumptions that have been made.

During the project kickoff meeting we make every effort to ensure all project sponsors, stakeholders and project team members are present.  Communication at this level is critical to a project’s success.  This is the best opportunity to make sure that all parties are on the same page with regard to what the project is planned to accomplish and what assumptions have been made to get there.

There are many elements that must be managed to ensure a project’s success, and yes, they include project plans, budgets and regular project status reports.  At GoLocalNW we feel that there is so much more to managing a successful project that simply following a project management methodology such as PMBOK or IEEE.


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