GoLocalNW can help your small business in Portland, OR get noticed on Craigslist.

Posting a free ad on Craigslist is one of the most cost effective ways to get your small business noticed in your community.  But how do you know that prospective customers are noticing your ad?  Take the sales cycle one step further and ask yourself, “How do I know that customers are walking in my door as a result of my Craigslist ad?”

  • Measuring Craigslist ad effectiveness

    • GoLocalNW can help you create and maintain a system that tracks how many customers purchase your products or services as a result of your small business ad on Craigslist.
  • Compelling Ad Title

    • Creating an ad title that compels prospective customers to click your ad is important for an effective Craigslist campaign.
    • Giving your prospective customer information they need to know in your ad title is even more important!
  • Informative Ad Body

    • Again, give your prospective customer information in the body of the ad that they will need to take the next step.
    • A pictures can speak a 1000 words and set the tone of the ad. Don’t over do it though, this is Craigslist.
  • Don’t Give UP!

    • Some Craigslist ads will give you an immediate bump in sales.
    • Like most marketing, it may take time to sink in with prospective customers before they take action.
    • Keeping a consistent presence on Craigslist will give your customers the peace of mind that you’re in it for the long haul.
    • Consistency helps to instill trust in your potential customer.
  • Craigslist Training

    • Our in-person consultations and hands on training will give you the confidence that you’re getting started in the right direction. No sitting in a classroom, conference calls or webinars that don’t address your immediate needs.
    • GoLocalNW will give you help with Craigslist.  We can help you create and edit your ad, guide you through the registration process then show you how to post your ad*.

* Please note:  GoLocalNW will NOT post your ad on Craigslist for you, nor can we create your Craigslist account for you.  Doing either of these is a violation of the Craigslist terms of use.  GoLocalNW follows the rules and encourages you to follow them too. Beware of companies or individuals offering to post for you or to provide an automated means to post.  Don’t put your small business at risk!

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