Want to start selling on eBay or Amazon? Have the itch to expand beyond the  Portland, OR market or go worldwide?  GoLocalNW can help get you started.

Our in-person consultations and hands on training will give you the confidence that you’re getting started in the right direction. No sitting in a classroom, conference calls or webinars that don’t address your immediate needs. GoLocalNW listens to your needs and learns about your small business before making recommendations.

  • Setting up a store

    • Choosing eBay or Amazon? Should I sell on both?
    • Selecting the right size store is a critical first step.
    • GoLocalNW will help you choose the size that is right for you and get your store setup without paying for features you don’t need.
  • Taking pictures of your items

    • Your a business, you want your pictures to look professional.
    • GoLocalNW can help teach you how to take great pictures with an every day digital camera that doesn’t break the bank.
  • Listing your items for sale on eBay and Amazon

    • There are many factors to consider when creating your product listings on eBay and Amazon.
    • Which category is appropriate for my items?
    • What rules do I have to follow?
    • Should I use a listing tool?
    • GoLocalNW will  help you answer all of these questions.
  • Getting setup on Paypal or other payment gateways

    • We can help you get setup on Paypal or other payment gate ways so that you can get paid over the internet and take payment from credit and debit cards.
    • Of course there are rules here too, we’ll help you learn how things work.
  • World class customer service eBay and Amazon

    • Sometimes things do go wrong, many times at no fault of your own.
    • GoLocalNW will teach you effective ways to work with your customers to resolve issues quickly using the systems put in place by eBay and Amazon.

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